Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

The provision of trained responsible labour to carry out the many general cleaning tasks in industry is an important aid to the PLC or public employer whose job it is to manufacture steel or aluminium, generate electricity or supply water.

The days of multi-disciplines in industry can employ contractors to carry out these tasks more efficiently and economically whilst concentrating on their mainstream function. Barry Industrial Services is able to provide teams of men or specialist individuals to carry specific tasks or to work with client’s supervision.

Shut down work during summer or Christmas breaks is an important part of the company’s business providing labour and equipment to carry out extensive cleaning of steel, aluminium rolling units and associated cellar, sub-stations, furnaces, e.t.c, also boilers and chemical complexes involving cleaning of furnaces, economisers, ducting, e.t.c. Emergency teams of men are available to respond to oil spills using specialised equipment and vehicles to assist the public.

There is virtually no cleaning job that Barry Industrial Services Ltd has not tackled or is not able to tackle. Our advice is free, our service is first class and our charges are reasonable.