Grease Trap Cleaning

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BIS specialises in industrial grease trap cleaning, from internal grease traps to external ones. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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Septic tank Cleaning from PureClean EnvironmentalGrease Trap Cleaning from Industry Leaders BIS.

BIS are specialist in cleaning internal & external grease traps/interceptors

Grease traps are fitted in all commercial kitchens as well as premises which process food and they are there to make sure that the grease and fats don’t get into the main drains where they could cause blockages and also pollute ground water. Depending on what food is cooked or processed, these grease traps can clog up really quickly and then they don’t work properly, making your premises smell and also causing real problems with getting the compacted grease out for disposal.

This waste is classified as controlled waste by the Environment Agency, so when the trap is cleaned and the grease disposed of, you must make sure that you have a proper contractor to do it and a proper paper trail to show any inspector. BIS is very experienced in this kind of cleaning and disposal and can provide all of the necessary forms and proofs. You can arrange a one-off clean or, if you prefer, you can set up a schedule of visits which will give you added peace of mind.

At BIS we provide a full range of GreaseTrap cleaning solutions to the leading industry standards, utilising the latest dewatering technology.

We process all your GreaseTrap Cleaning waste onsite, by adding a polymer to separate solids from the liquids, we then return the clean water back into your system to reseal. Our unique process is proven to reduce your waste costs against conventional GreaseTrap tankers.

Food Safety Act 1990

Local authorities are authorised to inspect premises under the Food Safety Act 1990. Problems arising from the effect of fat, oil and grease on drains, resulting in a failure to comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations, could result in prosecution or an emergency prohibition order preventing trading from the premises.

  • No callout charge
  • Zero Waste to Landfill
  • One company for all your waste management needs
  • Fully licensed Waste handler and disposer
  • Competitive prices
  • All legal paperwork provided


We are pleased to announce that we can deal with your day to day problems.

Domestic Cesspit (we can usually arrange to empty within 48 hours or less)
Spillages * Tank Cleaning * Interceptor Waste
Special Waste * Drummed Waste * De-Sludge of Cooling Towers
High Pressure Water Jetting Up To 10,000 PSI
Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Up To 42,000 PSI
Chemical Cleaning of Boilers, Pipework etc.
Grit Blasting * Bicarbonate Soda Blasting
We can also supply 2000 and 6000 gallon Vacuum Tankers

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