Water Jetting

Water Jetting

The natural abrasive action of water, coupled to a pump designed to deliver this powerful medium at up to 15000 pounds per square inch creates a highly effective method of dealing with a wide variety of problems. Many years of development together with the expertise this inevitably brings, enables BIS to provide a fully comprehensive service to many industrial users.


Fully trained personnel man our equipment and as members of the High Pressure Water Jetting Association we are committed to adhere to all aspects of safety.

Water under pressure is used to clean Pipework, Tubes, Steel surfaces, Vessels, Concrete e.t.c in a wide variety of situations.


Our equipment ranges from 100 – 150 H.P. and is either fully mobile or trailer mounted. We use Ford Engine Units and Aqua Hydraulic Pumps, all fitted Flame Arresters and Chalwyn Auto Shutdown Valves, with Automatic Cut Out in the event of over heating or oil loss thus ensuring as completely as possible that safety remains paramount. Recent developments in Automatic and Remote Control Units enable cleaning to be carried out much more effectively as well as in more hazardous areas such as confined spaces and gaseous atmospheres.

In addition units capable of cutting concrete and steel are now becoming more readily accepted by, for example, the Department of Transport. Repair work on motorway bridge decks has proved to be an exceptional area of development for concrete cutting units.